.KE Domain: All You Need To Know in 2024

Introduction The internet is a vast space, and each country marks its presence with a unique domain. In Kenya, that identity is encapsulated in the .ke domain. Let’s delve into the details of this internet symbol and the organization responsible for its management – the Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC). The .KE Domain: A Brief … Read more

Understanding Software RAID 1

Introduction In the landscape of Windows operating systems, the emergence of software RAID alongside dynamic disks has introduced new possibilities. This article aims to provide an in-depth exploration of Software RAID 1, commonly known as Mirrored Volume, shedding light on its principles and practical applications. Software RAID 1 Overview Mirrored Volume, or RAID 1, prioritizes … Read more

.co.rw Domain

Country Rwanda Official Domain Yes, it’s the official domain extension for Rwanda. Purpose Typically used for commercial entities, businesses, and organizations operating in Rwanda. Registration Additional Information Considerations

Payment Methods

Payment Options Discover the various payment methods accepted for transactions on Hostraha: Please note that the “Pay Now” (once-off) option on an unpaid invoice allows for a one-time credit card payment but does not set up a recurring credit card payment method.

Sasahost Review 2024: Features, Pricing & More

Sasahost Pricing and Plans Pricing (KES/Year) 3,250 4,000 6,000 11,000 Disk Space 25 GB 35 GB 50 GB 70 GB Monthly Bandwidth 250 GB 300 GB 350 GB 400 GB SSH & FTP Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited MySQL Databases Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited … Read more

Truehost Review 2024: Features, Pricing & More

Truehost is one of the oldest web hosting providers in Kenya that remains highly popular. What it promises is the fastest performance available. In this Truehost review, I put the provider to the test to determine if it lives up to its speed claims and if other crucial factors such as pricing, features, ease of … Read more

IPv4 vs. IPv6: What’s the Difference?

Understanding IPv4: IPv4, or Internet Protocol version 4, is a fundamental component of the TCP/IP model, serving as the prevalent standard for IP addresses. An IPv4 address consists of four sets of numbers, each ranging from 0 to 255, separated by periods. For instance, Avast’s IP address is represented as Developed in the early … Read more