How to Extend Logical Volumes and Install XFCE on Ubuntu

Introduction:Managing disk space and ensuring a smooth desktop environment are crucial for efficient system performance. This guide will walk you through extending your logical volumes using LVM and installing the XFCE desktop environment on Ubuntu. 1. Checking Current Volume Group Free Space:First, verify the free space in your volume group. Look for the “Free PE … Read more

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How to Install CloudPanel on Ubuntu 22.04

Step 1: Login via SSH to the Server If you are using a private key to login, use the following command: bashCopy codessh -i path_to_your_private_key root@yourIpAddress If you are using a password to login, use the following command: bashCopy codessh root@yourIpAddress Step 2: Update the System and Install Required Packages Before running the installer, update … Read more

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